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The Rcom Maru has been designed to maintain an optimal environment within the incubator cabine..


The Rcom Maru has been designed to preserve the most beneficial surroundings in the incubator cupboard. The incubation parameters are controlled using a motive-constructed control system coupled with high-end exceptional sensors. The Rcom Maru is for individuals who need a dependable, smooth-to-apply gadget for high-volume egg incubation.

Compared to different cupboard-style incubators, the Rcom Maru packs extensively more functions to enhance hatch prices. These unique features encompass a integrated humidification unit and an open-door detector which activates extra heating to compensate for heat loss.

Main Features

Digital Temperature display & interchangeable among Degree C / Degree F, with a range of 0 -42.0°C (sixty eight.0-107.6°F)
Digital humidity display with a number of 20-70%
Automatic humidity manage with built-in humidity pump (no external pump wanted)
Convenient jog dial operation for optimised user interface
An integrated simple control panel
Automatic egg turning & turning c language set characteristic (each 1hr, 2hr,3hr)
Transparent double insulated viewing window
Abnormally excessive or low room temperature alarm
Built-in LED light for ease of viewing when the door is open
Built-in combination tray for hatching and brooding
Variable air vent to allow for clean manipulate of air inside the unit.
Incubation capacity 216 chook eggs primarily based on a ‘wellknown sized hen egg (6 time-honored trays provided as standard, 36 eggs in step with tray)
Hatching ability ninety six fowl eggs based totally on a ‘fashionable sized bird egg (2 hatching trays provided as general, 48 eggs per tray)
Precise virtual temperature manipulate is a key characteristic of the Rcom Maru Deluxe MAX. The Maru capabilities a Swiss-made Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor for notably correct temperature tracking. Warm air is circulated during the inner chamber using a series of calibrated enthusiasts and air channels designed for max air-go with the flow.

The Rcom Maru 380 Deluxe has an in-constructed water reservoir and humidification system, water is pumped into the device thru a small tube after which heated in the machine by way of an antiblastic humidification approach; discouraging and preventing antibacterial growth. The Rcom Maru additionally functions a low-water alarm to alert the user to low water ranges. Please observe: the water container in the photo shown above is for illustration functions only and is not blanketed with the gadget. You will need to feature your own water container (a normal 2Ltr bottle is our recommended option Sold Separately).

Egg Capacity

Universal trays are adjustable for egg size from quail through to goose and are provided as widespread. Eggs are to start with set in three stages (2 trays in keeping with stage) and are then moved to a big, removable hatching tray at the bottom of the chamber for the final ranges of incubation and hatching.

Not sure what size incubator you need, or if you want a hatcher? See the evaluation of the egg ability of each Maru incubator and each Maru hatcher and spot how you could hatch the most eggs.

Species Rcom Maru 380 Deluxe MAX (6 typical trays) Rcom Maru one hundred ninety Deluxe MAX(three normal trays)
Quail 600 eggs / 6 trays three hundred eggs / 3 trays
Hen 216 eggs / 6 trays 108 eggs / 3 trays
Duck 138 eggs / 6 trays sixty nine eggs / three trays
Goose ninety eggs / 6 trays forty five eggs / 3 trays
DIMENSIONS forty two.5cm x 79cm x 76.5cm excessive
POWER CONSUMPTION Maximum 440 Watts – Typical 70 Watts
POWER SUPPLY 220~240v, 50/60Hz
EGG TURNING Fully Automatic


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