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Bird’s cage is his home so you want to make sure you get a cage that fits your bird’s needs and is safe.
Pawsitive have a great variety in bird cage, which come in many sizes, shapes and prices also vary greatly! To keep your bird happy and healthy, cage construction, placement and size should be prioritized by price when choosing a bird cage. Here are some tips on what to look for:
• You should choose a bird cage that allows your bird to stretch. In fact, you should aim for a triple cage three times the length of a bird. Obviously, large birds and long-tailed birds will need large cages for birds. Buy the largest cage that fits your budget and the area you have chosen for your bird.
• Safety comes first when choosing a bird cage. Make sure there are no sharp edges, the doors close securely so that the tweety can’t escape, the bars are the same as if the cage is made of a powder coat or stainless steel. Avoid old cages because they can be made with toxic substances in your body.


Parrot Cage

Like any other domestic bird, the cork is the first, and most important, you will buy it. The most important thing you can look for is space – your birds need more space to fly. Even a large bird that will spend a lot of time outside on a perch like one of the great Macaws will need a cage that has enough space to climb and spread its wings. The cage also needs to be easy to clean.

The bottom of the cage will require the removal of droppings and other dirt, so well you need a removable tray that can be washed thoroughly. The bottom should be lined with wood or paper edge.


  • Choosing a cage

When choosing a cage, you should make sure that the bar space is equal to the size of the parrot you are going to store. Cockatiels, and any smaller varieties, require a space of 1cm inch bar; large ones require 1.5-2cm, while large pairs should be provided with cages with 2.5cm spaces the reason is not very small in terms of climbing, and more about the protocol for tightening their heads. If the bird can bend its head between the bars. Most parrots like to climb, so horizontal bars are a must.

Since birds are intelligent and curious, parrots can quickly become confused. The cage needs a lot of variety, from a variety of perch and climbing performance to the volume of ever-changing toys. The more space you can provide, the better.

  • Cage Position

Location is important because your birds will spend a lot of money – if not all – of their time in the cage. It needs to be somewhere not too hot or too cold. Kitchens should be avoided, as various smoke from non-stick sheets and gas hobs could justify the killing of weak members of the parrot’s family. You also need to avoid exposing birds to any product cleaning fumes, fly blinds and other aerosols, paint smoke, cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide from boilers and car extends, and any air spray or a scented candle. These are all uncleanness.

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