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Exploring Fancy Pigeon Prices in Pakistan


Fancy pigeons have gained immense popularity in Pakistan, not only as beloved pets but also as symbols of prestige and elegance. With a diverse range of breeds, colors, patterns, and unique features, the world of fancy pigeons has captivated enthusiasts and collectors alike. This article delves into the fascinating realm of fancy pigeon prices in Pakistan, shedding light on the factors that influence their values.

The Fascination with Fancy Pigeons

Fancy pigeons are not your typical birds; they are bred for their distinctive traits, ranging from feather patterns, coloration, size, to posture. Enthusiasts are drawn to these avian wonders for their aesthetic appeal and often invest considerable time and resources to maintain and breed them. As a result, the prices of fancy pigeons can vary significantly based on their rarity and desirability.

Factors Affecting Fancy Pigeon Prices

1. Breed and Rarity:

Certain breeds are rarer than others, making them more valuable. Pigeon breeds like the Lahore, Fantail, and King Pigeon are highly sought after due to their unique features and limited availability.

2.Color and Pattern:

Pigeons with rare and striking color patterns, such as albino or pied variations, tend to command higher prices. The uniqueness of these colorations adds to their allure.

3. Size and Shape:

Pigeons with exceptional size and posture often fetch higher prices. The larger the bird and the more pronounced its posture, the more attention it draws from collectors.

4.Health and Condition:

Pigeons that are in prime health and condition are valued more by buyers. A well-maintained bird with glossy feathers and a vibrant appearance can justify a higher price tag.

5.Lineage and Pedigree:

Pigeons with a documented lineage and proven breeding success can be more expensive. Buyers often look for birds from renowned breeders with a history of producing top-quality offspring.

6.Market Demand:

Market trends and demand fluctuations can influence pigeon prices. If a specific breed becomes trendy or popular, its price can experience a temporary surge.

Price Range

Fancy pigeon prices in Pakistan can vary widely. Some common breeds might start from a few hundred rupees, while rarer and more exquisite specimens can command prices in the tens of thousands, and even more for exceptional individuals. Collectors and enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium for pigeons that embody the epitome of their chosen breed's characteristics.

Buying and Selling Platforms

Various avenues cater to the buying and selling of fancy pigeons in Pakistan. Local pigeon clubs, bird markets, and online platforms dedicated to pet trading offer a space for enthusiasts to connect and trade these exquisite birds.


Fancy pigeons have established a unique niche in Pakistan's pet and collector's market. The beauty and variety they bring to the world of aviculture are matched only by their diverse price range. Whether you're an enthusiast, a collector, or simply someone curious about the world of fancy pigeons, understanding the factors that influence their prices adds an extra layer of appreciation for these exquisite creatures.