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Keeping a pet bird can be fun, and half of the fun will be buying accessories that promote your pet’s health and provide for and maintain you. With some product suggestions and information, you will be on your way to choosing the right accessories for your hairy friend.

1. No Mess Feeder

Every bird owner is aware of the enormous challenge of keeping a bird of prey from the species and shells that come out of the feeder. No dietary supplement can significantly reduce the trauma, as well as waste, of perfectly fine seeds.
• Tidy seed feeders are clear acrylic, box-fed feeders that have a place to hold food while the walls contain most of the distractions from safety outside the cage. This feed comes in sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest, and pricing varies with the selected size. While that may seem more expensive compared to a cup of feed, the cost is more expensive over time compared to how much you can save on wasted food.
• Caitec’s Seed Corrals is similar to Tidy Feeders but less expensive. They come in large or large sizes and rates varies depending on the size chosen.

2. Water Bottle

The benefits of clean drinking water are immeasurable, but birds can pollute their water containers. They bathed in their drinking water, threw food into it, and rolled into it. If you want to make sure your pet has a clean source of drinking water, you need to provide him with a water bottle.
Lixit glass water bottles are available in a variety of sizes, and you can find drinking tubes of different sizes to accommodate small and large birds. Glass bottles are advantageous in plastic bottles because a bird cannot chew with a bottle if it can reach through bird cages. Just fill the bottle with fresh water every day, and hang it outside the cage with an extended drinking tube with cage bars.
It is usually best to hang a bottle on top of an existing water container and watch to make sure your pet has learned to use it before removing a quality meal for them.

3. Java Tree Stand

Java tree stands The Java Tree Stand provides a natural place for birds to play and play when they come out of their cage. These stands are made from the wood of coffee trees that are no longer produced and the two stands are not exactly the same. They are very durable, and the width of the branches provide a good workout for your pet’s feet.
Since it is a natural product, sizes and prices vary. Trees usually come with a wooden base and an eye screw for hanging toys, and larger models can come with casters and at least one food cup.

4 Shower Perch

Birds should bathe several times a week, if not every day, to keep the wings in the best condition. The shower perch helps to provide the ultimate bathing experience.
Sandy shower perch is a folded perch that attaches to a soft shower wall with suction cups. Fold it for your pet to use, and then fold it when it’s done. The perching surface is designed to provide a firm grip on her feet.

5. Aviator Harness and Leash

Aviator Harness and leash It is best to take your bird outside for sunlight and fresh air, as you run the risk of losing it if you are not in the cage. With the right saddle and leash, you can give your pet some free-flight time without the hassle of suddenly flying.
The aviator saddle and strap slip over your bird’s head and wings, and then adjust to fit its waist. The strap is stretchy, so it lets your pet reach the end of his tether without feeling a bruise. Sizes range from small to extra-large.
Warning: The saddle can stop the fly-off, which does not prevent the eagle from catching the bird. Take care of your pet from time to time and if you see any debris in the area, take it inside.

6. Travel Cage/Carrier

Travel carrier is very easy when your bird has to go to the vet or groom. The wing bag carrier is made of durable, food-grade plastic and provides a clear view of the birds.
This carrier is lightweight, ventilated, and has a handle at the top. Each carrier comes with three different perch sizes, which is great if you have birds of different sizes and need to change perches to keep them. The carrier also comes with a bolt-on metal cup and toy hanger.
According to my Safe Bird store, some veterinarians have found that birds are less stressed to see their owners, so this clear carrier might be a better choice.

7. Cage Covers

Birds need to be covered at night to be more secure and need 12 hours of sleep each night. While it is very easy to cover a small cage with a light blanket, covering a large cage is not so easy. Good night bird cage covers are made of breathable, non-toxic material that keeps your pet away from lights.
Decide what is most important for the health and happiness of your pet and base your purchase on it. Over time, you will accumulate a variety of items that will give your bird a better quality of life.

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